Social responsibility

A sustainable choice!

We take great care in making sure our bags live up to your expectations without losing sight of other important things.

One of the best things you can do for the environment is to make sure you deliver bags that don’t need replacing. When you buy a bag from us, you’re making a sustainable choice because it will last for many years. Just as our design is simple, we also have a simple business philosophy – decency. In the long term, we are working on making our materials sustainable as well.

Free from animal products

A great bag doesn’t have to be made from animals. Instead of leather, we have chosen to use Polyurethane – a synthetic material that is just as durable. We believe that the way animals are treated today leaves a lot to be desired. That’s why it’s a natural choice for us to opt out of animal products here.

Everyone in the value chain needs to feel good

Our manufacturer is certified with SMETA. A certification that is an ethical guarantee of optimal working conditions in terms of health and safety. In short, our bags are produced under socially responsible conditions with respect for the workers who do the work. The bags need to make sense on all fronts.