About Case Copenhagen

Founded by Karina Borcher and Henrik Frederiksen

With backgrounds in different worlds as fashion- and interior designer, writer and coach, our knowledge and experience come together in a common mission – to challenge, to seek originality and to be persistent enough to keep going and going. The start of our journey was when we looked into the great black depths of our bag and asked ourselves:     

What do we want, what can we do?

Our desire is to offer something new and useful. Originality is a requirement. We’ve created bags that do what you need them to do – they’re expandable, multi-purpose, water-resistant and durable.

Everyone uses bags every day – ours should be something you identify with, stylish and uncomplicated. A help, a strength. Not a chaotic black deep where everything is cluttered, but a simple organized bag that can be used for everything.

The philosophy is simple. If we want to stand a chance, we need to create something out of the ordinary. Something that will excite and surprise. Every day, year after year. We have one goal – to exceed your expectations!

Invite Case Copenhagen to an employee event.

We treat you to a staff sale and great discounts.

All it takes is a date in your calendar. You provide a space for us to stand. We’ll take care of the rest. In our experience, 2 hours is adequate. We look forward to visiting you. When is the right time?