About the collection

Flexible bags that can hold everything you need. High quality Danish design


Our bags are always multi-functional and mostly expandable from small to large. You get two in one. You don’t need a lot of bags, but a few that offer a lot of options. From jobs to sports. From travel to everyday life. Needs change and our bags provide the flexibility you need. It’s essential to our design.


In the development of a Case Copenhagen bag, everything is thought out down to the smallest detail. And we never compromise! Our designs are sophisticated with a simple exterior and a complex interior and the style appeals to both men and women.


Our bags last year after year and we’ve used only the best materials – heavy-duty spun nylon, water-repellent membrane, strong zippers and dirt-repellent lining, and strong, comfortable straps. Danish design in high quality.

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All it takes is a date in your calendar. You provide a space for us to stand. We’ll take care of the rest. In our experience, 2 hours is adequate. We look forward to visiting you. When is the right time?