Behind the scenes of our design process

Case Copenhagen is not just a name; it's a commitment to style, functionality and quality.

How do we create bags that meet these demands and what is behind our design process? Let us take you behind the scenes and share our design philosophy and the work that goes into creating bags that go beyond the ordinary.

Style, functionality and quality in harmony

From the start, Case Copenhagen has pursued a design philosophy that combines style, functionality and quality in a way that doesn’t compromise on any of these values. Our goal is to create bags that exude elegance while being practical and robust. In every design, we try to balance the outside with the inside of the bag, so our customers get the best of both worlds.

Durable materials and craftsmanship

An important part of our design process is the choice of materials. We use only the best and most durable materials, including heavy-duty spun nylon, water-repellent membranes and strong zippers. Everything is carefully selected to ensure our bags stand the test of time while maintaining their aesthetic appeal.

Our dedication to quality doesn’t stop at the materials. Our experienced craftsmen deliver a result of precision and meticulous attention to detail. Every seam, zipper and strap is carefully placed to ensure your bag is made to last.

Thoughts about the design

Our designs are a result of our passion for creating bags that make a difference in everyday life. We’ve incorporated as many features as possible, inspired by outdoor living and the sports world, but kept a simple design that together make Case Copenhagen bags unique.

That’s why you’ll find pockets for your water bottle, documents, shoes, books and devices that need to be protected while traveling. There are adjustable straps and the option to expand or transform the bag as needed to keep your belongings optimally packed.

An important part of our design process is also listening to our customers’ feedback and adapting our products accordingly.

Maintaining quality and innovation

Case Copenhagen is committed to remaining a brand that creates bags that are out of the ordinary. We’re proud of our heritage and are constantly working to raise the bar on what a bag can be. This means challenging conventional designs and materials to deliver products that create value and joy for your comfort and convenience. Case Copenhagen’s bags are created with travelers’ needs in mind. Our sleek design, durability and versatility make them the ideal companion on your next trip

We hope this insight into Case Copenhagen’s design process has given you a deeper understanding of our values and commitment to delivering bags that are more than just accessories, but companions for life. Continue to follow our journey as we continue to challenge the norm and deliver quality and style in every bag we create.